Moongate Water started providing water utility service in 1971 with 1 connection, 1 well and 600 feet of distribution pipeline within Moongate Subdivision.

In 1977 Moongate expanded water utility service to the Cattleland Estates Subdivision, which was located east of Moongate Subdivision.

In 1983 Moongate became a New Mexico Public Utility providing service to only 85 connections. In 1984/1985 Moongate expanded westward by adding 27 miles of transmission and distribution pipelines to provide water service to those within the EBL&T subdivision. Former Dona Ana County Commissioner Peter Cooper, who identified the hardship and need of these families to Moongate, is summarized as follows:

The County received reports from the schools that children were being sent home from school because they weren't bathed. Some of the people came to the county and said, "We are desperate. We don't have any water. We're hauling water."

I knew Moongate Water provided service in my district; I knew they had a big water system that was expanding. I brought this problem to Moongate's attention and asked if there was any way they could provide service to those people. Moongate took a look at this area and worked with the residents in order to supply them with water. Moongate completed this expansion very quickly and were treated like heroes. As a result of Moongate extending service to this area, the area developed even more.

In 1987 Moongate expanded service north by 10 miles to a large vacant area that had no water service. This area later became Spaceport City that was incorporated by the residents and dis-incorperated by the mayor's first official action.

In 1990 Moongate constructed the first water storage tank that exceeds 1,000,000 gallons. This tank is located near the intersection of US Highway 70 and NASA road. It is painted with murals depicting the history of the space industry and known as the Space Murals Museum tank.

In 1995 Moongate expanded the distribution system east to the top of San Augustine Pass to provide service to residents in the Tierra Alta area.

In 1999 Moongate constructed 12 miles of transmission and distribution system south with tanks and pumping stations to provide the Talavera area with a reliable water service.

Moongate's 2009 NMPRC annual report shows 10 production wells, over 6.5 million gallons of storage tanks and 220 miles of transmission and distribution pipeline serving about 4500 connections.

Moongate is continually expanding water utility service to meet the needs of the ever-expanding East Mesa of Las Cruces, New Mexico.







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