Moongate Water will read all water meters each month and bill our customers for the water they use..

Click here to see Moongate's service area and General Metered Service rate Schedule on file with the NMPRC

  1. The customer service charge (no water included) is $ 2.48 per month.
  2. The consumption charge is 2.17 per thousand (1,000) gallons or part thereof.
  3. A $.03 per 1000 gallons charge will be added for the NMED Conservation Fee (Water Testing Fund).
  4. A 2% franchise charge will be added to those living within the City of Las Cruces limits. (City Franchise tax) Dona Ana County does not require utilities to pay a franchise tax
  5. If a meter is disconnected or locked out for any reason, all charges must be PAID IN FULL BEFORE service is re-connected. 
  6. A reconnect charge of $45.00 will apply to any meter that has been disconnected or locked out
  7. A service charge of $25.00 will apply to all returned checks.
  8. Meters must be accessible to meter reading personnel.

Moongate Water is regulated by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission







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